This questionnaire is intended to help the organizers to improve the organization, the content and the pedagogical method of the course. Please mark in bold the appropriate answer.


What is your research domain ?
Do you consider that your background was sufficient to follow the course ?
no less/more more/less yes
Have you already seen a part of the course subject ?
never minor part major part I am familiar with the subject
If yes, what are the parts that you have already seen ?

Your opinion

Are the objectives of the course clear to you ?
no more/less yes
Do you find the subject of the course interesting to you ?
no interesting little interesting interesting very interesting
Do you consider that the course will be useful in your research work ?
no I do not know yes
What is your general impression about the course ?
bad mediocre good very good
Do you find the course as a whole coherent ?
no more/less yes
What do you think about the pedagogical method ?
inadapted mediocre good very good
What do you think about the organization of the course ?
Period inadequate good very good
Total duration inadequate good very good
Unit duration of a course inadequate good very good
Equilibrium between courses and tutorials inadequate good very good
Are you globally satisfied ?
no more/less yes
Would you be interested to attend the extension of the course ?
no, it is enough perhaps yes


Principal advantages and disadvantages, suggestions ...

Thank you for your opinion